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A New Year approaches, 2017 is almost upon us!

December 25th…Christmas Day, a big milestone in the calendar and one we all spend a long time preparing for, looking forward to and enjoying the festive buzz surrounding it. Everyone eats way too much festive fare, has maybe one too many glasses of mulled wine and collectively decide that after the holidays we will get back into shape and start … Continue reading

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Chestnuts roasting, roaring fire and festive scents…it must be Christmas!

It’s that time of year when the days are short; the nights come around quickly and the temperature drops. The first frosts of the year have nudged the trees to drop their leaves, and there is an abundance of seasonal berries, giving an evocative visual reference that Christmas is on its way   What better way to embrace winter than … Continue reading

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Fireworks! then feet up and flake out

  So, November 5th will soon be upon us, and we will be gathered in great crowds on a crisp, cold (hopefully not too wet) bonfire night’s evening. Celebrating this fabulous festival of whizzes and bangs, watching the night sky light up and joining in the chorus of involuntary oooohs and aaaahhhs. Can anyone resist an indulgent dance with a … Continue reading

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Autumn Trends in the Home

Move over summer, autumn is well and truly on its way and we can’t wait for it. Why? Beautiful trees dropping their leaves, crunching through said leaves in our wellies (got to be done) and taking in a deep breath of that glorious fresh autumnal air. Followed by snuggling up at home in the warm with a hot chocolate and … Continue reading

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Interior design blogger Stacey Corrin talks trends and Chesterfields

Stacey Corrin owns the successful interior design blog Corrin Creative, where she offers advice on how to get the most out of your home. We spoke to her about her work, her favourite style of interior design and asked for her take on the classic Chesterfield design. What inspired you to set up your blog and why did you decide … Continue reading

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Why a Chesterfield Is an Interior Design Essential

Why a Chesterfield Is an Interior Design Essential You’ve stripped wallpaper, sanded floors and painted skirting boards. You’ve hung picture frames, positioned ornaments and rolled out rugs. You’ve flopped into bed exhausted and satisfied at the end of a long day of decorating… … Only to be roused from your slumber by an interior design related nightmare. “THE SOFA!” you … Continue reading

Posted by Natalie Dunn | 2 Comments
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5 Reasons to Buy a Top Quality Chesterfield Sofa

5 Reasons to Buy a Top Quality Chesterfield Sofa Are you unsure as to why you should buy a Chesterfield Sofa? Are you wondering what it is that makes these handcrafted suites better than the rest? To answer these questions, we’ve put together five reasons everyone should buy a top quality – and timelessly chic – Chesterfield … Style Very few … Continue reading

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3 of the Most Popular Chesterfield Suites

  3 of the Most Popular Chesterfield Suites There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a Chesterfield suite. Handcrafted and built to last, these iconic British suites are popular the world over. With traditional methods used in the production of all our furniture, our highly skilled artisans and upholsterers pour a lot of love into every Chesterfield – … Continue reading

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