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Herringbone Wool for Sofas, Chairs & Footstools

A Sofas by Saxon Herringbone Wool sofa or chair is soft, cosy and very practical. The fibres are more crimped than many other materials, which gives it a greater bulk. This allows wool to hold more air and retain heat, so your sofa, chair, or corner sofa will be cosy and warm during the winter. It is also incredibly breathable, so when the temperature rises, your furniture will be nice and cool.

The material that we use is 100% pure wool, closely woven in the North of England into a traditional herringbone pattern. The result is a hard-wearing fabric which looks seriously expensive, but actually delivers very affordable value. This Herringbone Wool collection has been selected to co-ordinate with our Wool Plaids and 'Harris Tweeds'. And although your Herringbone Wool sofa or chair will appear to be a solid colour from a distance, a ‘heather’ effect produces subtle colour variations when seen close-up.

Browse our collection below. If you have any questions or need more information about the material, don’t hesitate to get in touch or call our team on 01204 368 413.

Herringbone Driftwood Herringbone Driftwood
Herringbone Lavender Herringbone Lavender
Herringbone Moss Herringbone Moss
Herringbone Mustard Herringbone Mustard
Herringbone Paprika Herringbone Paprika
Herringbone Thistle Herringbone Thistle
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