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Chesterfield Materials

With so much choice in styles and leathers alone, it's natural to have questions regarding buying a sofa.

This section contains answers to some of the more popular questions we get asked – but should you not find the answer you’re looking for, please feel free to contact our experts on 01204 368 413 or fill out our handy online form and we'll be happy to offer our advice.

What are your Chesterfield frames made from?

Our frames are made from solid beech hardwood. Cheaper pieces of furniture, however, often use frames that are far lighter and less substantial in their construction. This is evident when the weight of each sofa is compared.

Is the leather you use of the highest quality?

All our furniture is cut by hand from full hides and we only used the best quality European hides. On the other hand, manufacturers offering a cheap Chesterfield only offer a very small choice in relation to leather colour and finish. This, combined with the quality of leather used, allows them to generate a cost saving in this area.

Do you strip stud or hand stud your furniture?

All our furniture is individually hand studded, whereas cheaper furniture is usually finished with strip studs, where only the fourth or fifth stud is hammered into the frame and the linking studs just float on the surface.

Why should I choose Sofas by Saxon over a cheaper manufacturer?

We prefer to deal directly with our customers rather than involving middlemen. Indeed, we decline to purchase second-rate furniture from Eastern Europe or the Far East and pass it off as our own. In fact, we ONLY create our own furniture from our workshop in Lancashire.

This means we know the fine points of the industry, offering you specialist advice you can count on. There are also no hidden charges, and we have complete control of the whole process – from your initial enquiry, the manufacture of your furniture and its journey to your home