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Sofa colors: How to choose the right shade for your home

Whether you’re shopping for a sofa that’s going to be the focal point of your living room, you want to add an extra element of comfort to your bedroom, or you’re looking to make your home office more versatile with a two-seater, choosing the right color sofa is incredibly important. It can really set the tone of a room, and you’ll want to make sure your chosen furniture really works with your space, rather than dominating it.

The difficulty doesn’t stop once you’ve purchased your dream couch, either: you then have to decorate your chosen room in a complementary way. And, if you’ve gone for a bold or unusual color, this can be harder than you might expect. To help you with this whole process, we’re going to outline how you can choose the perfect color sofa, and then design your room around it, so you should find it much easier to create a space that you love spending time in.

Sofa colors: What to consider when choosing the right hue for you

A new sofa is an investment, so you need to ensure you’re going to be happy with your choice for years to come. There are a number of factors you need to consider in order to ensure this is the case. Here, we’re going to take you through the main things you need to think about.

Remember: everyone’s style and preferences are totally different, which means there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to picking out the perfect couch. However, asking yourself these all-important questions should help you to make a decision that’s right for you.

Decide whether you want a statement or understated piece of furniture

If you really don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing the perfect color for your sofa, try asking yourself whether you’re looking to buy a statement piece of furniture, or something more understated. This will help you to narrow your options down quite quickly. If you want your couch to be bold, bright colors will work best, while neutrals will give you a subtle (but still stylish) look.

The best option will depend on your personal style. For example, if you typically go all out when it comes to color —your wardrobe might be full of fun and quirky pieces that you like to wear every day — sitting on a bright sofa every day might bring you a lot of joy. But, if you have a more sleek and simple sense of style, don’t feel like you need to move away from this to pick out an interesting sofa. You can always style up a more neutral piece of furniture with the likes of cushions and throws, so go for a more muted color if this is the kind of color palette you typically gravitate towards. You could even go for a pastel shade of blue, green, pink, or purple if you would like to inject some color into your space in a subtle way.

Consider whether a light or dark shade will work best

Once you’ve decided whether you’re going to opt for a bright or an understated color, you then need to think about whether a light or darker hue is going to work best for you. And, there are a number of factors you’ll want to consider.

Firstly, are there any features of your room that you’ve already decided upon? For example, it’s a good idea to contrast a sofa with your flooring, as this will help to ensure it works well as a focal point, rather than blending into the background. This means, if you’ve decided to lay down some dark wood flooring, a light-colored sofa could be the best choice.

On the other hand, if you’ve picked out cream carpets, a sofa of a similar hue could create too much of a monochrome look, so a darker shade will typically make the best choice. It’s also a good idea to consider where your sofa is going to be placed. If you’re going to be positioning your couch in front of a window that lets in a lot of natural light, it can often be best to pick out a piece of furniture in a lighter color. This is because some sofa coverings can become discolored if they’re exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. If this is something you’re worried about, we would recommend foregoing brighter or darker colors, and going for a subtler shade instead.

Think about the future

A sofa is truly an investment, so you want to ensure yours is going to stand the test of time. Not only does this mean that you’ll want to buy one that’s of a high quality, but it’s also best to go for a style that you’re sure you’ll love for years — or possibly even decades — to come, especially if you're buying a handmade sofa from a respected manufacturer that will go the distance.

As a result, it’s best to avoid trendy colors that may be new and exciting right now, but very unlikely to be on-trend in a few seasons’ time. Think about what kind of colors you’ve always gravitated towards — these could be hues that you’ve always liked to wear, or that you already have hints of around your home.

You also need to think about how things might change as time goes on. For example, are you still looking for your forever home? If so, it’s possible you could move in the next couple of years, which means a neutral sofa that will work in lots of different settings might suit you best.

Choose a shade that will work with a variety of color schemes

In order to ensure your sofa will have a long lifespan, it’s a good idea to choose one in a color that’s going to work with a range of different color schemes. This will make it much easier for you to redecorate the space around your couch without having to buy new furniture.

Neutral shades tend to be the easiest to work with in this respect, but don’t feel like you’re confined to these. Even the brightest of colors can work with a range of different hues — you just need to make sure you choose a versatile one. For example, if you love green, an olive or emerald shade might be preferable to more of a chartreuse option.

One of the best ways to work out some different color schemes is to search whatever sofa color you’re considering on Pinterest. You’ll then be shown a lot of home décor inspiration and, if you can spot a range of different color schemes that you like the look of, you might have found the perfect color for you! If you’re struggling, consider whether you would be willing to change the hue slightly. For example, turquoise to teal might seem like a very small switch in practice, but it could actually open up a whole host of other possible color schemes, thanks to an increase in the depth of color.

Take your lifestyle into account

Because you’ll want your sofa to look its best for as long as possible, you also need to think about how it might be affected by your lifestyle. Factors that you need to take into consideration include:

• Whether you have kids (or plan to have them in the near future),
• Whether you have pets,
• How frequently you entertain your friends and family,
• How tidy you and those you live with are,
• And how you plan to use your sofa.

If you have kids or pets, it’s best to stay away from light-colored sofas, as these won’t hide any stains. The same can be said if you frequently entertain, or you like to enjoy casual meals on your sofa. In these situations, a dark or brighter color will look cleaner for longer.

We would typically only recommend opting for a couch in a particularly light shade, such as white or cream, if you live in an all-adult household and you trust everyone to take great care of your furniture. Otherwise, it might not be worth the risk.

What color schemes work with different sofa colors?

Once you’ve decided what color sofa you’re going to opt for, you now need to think about how you’re going to design the rest of your room around it. Here, we’re going to take you through some of the most popular sofa colors out there and help you to match your choice with the right wall colors, flooring, and home accessories.

What colors go with a gray sofa?

Gray is, perhaps, one of the most versatile colors when it comes to sofas, as it works with a whole host of different color schemes. Of course, the shade you go with will determine exactly what hues are going to complement it best, but you certainly won’t be short on options. So, if you like to switch your décor up a lot and you want a couch that’s going to work for this, gray is a fantastic choice!

What color walls go with a gray sofa?

As gray is such a versatile color, the possibilities truly are endless when you’re trying to choose what color walls are going to work best with your new furniture. Anything from bright white to a different gray, or even a bolder color like emerald green or a burnt orange could work well. We would just recommend making sure that you get the balance right when choosing your shades. It’s typically best to go for contrasting colors so, if you’ve chosen a sofa in a dark gray, lighter walls will help to give your space an airier look — whereas, if you’ve opted for a light-colored sofa, you can afford to go a bit deeper with your paint choices.

What color drapes go with a gray sofa?

In a similar vein, when you’re looking to buy some drapes that complement your gray sofa, there aren’t any hard and fast rules you need to follow. A popular approach is to also choose gray drapes, but in a lighter shade than that of your sofa. This will help to give your space a cohesive look without making it feel boxed in.

However, the simplicity of a gray sofa means that you can afford to get more creative with your other decorative features, if you prefer. So, if you would like to add some extra interest, you could go for some beautifully patterned drapes, or a bright and bold pair that will frame your home’s view perfectly and make it the main event. It really just depends on whether you want your drapes to be primarily functional or use them to make a style statement.

What color carpet or flooring goes with a gray sofa?

Much like a gray sofa, wood or laminate flooring is great for creating a blank canvas that you can build upon. So, it could make the perfect pairing. Again, we would recommend contrasting this with your furniture so, if you’ve gone for a light sofa, we would opt for a darker flooring, and vice versa.

If you prefer the feeling of carpet beneath your feet, you’ll be glad to hear that a gray sofa can work with almost any color of it. However, if you’re opting for a simple sofa, it’s likely you’re trying to create a stylish but understated space. If so, cream or a different shade of gray can work well, and then you’ll have plenty of freedom when it comes to adding personality and fashionable features to your room.

What color cushions go with a gray sofa?

Patterned cushions look fantastic on a gray sofa, as they can add a real dash of interest to your cozy set up. Because gray sofas can give off a minimalistic vibe, throw pillows with geometric prints can make a great pairing too, but don’t be afraid to branch out a bit. If you’re looking to add more color to your space, buying some bright cushion covers is also a great and affordable way of doing this.

What colors go with a brown sofa?

Brown sofas are a popular choice thanks to the fact they look incredibly cozy from the get-go, but they can be surprisingly difficult to style. They tend to work best with other neutral colors, but the likes of jewel tones can be used to jazz them up, too. Here, we’ll talk you through some of the best color schemes for a brown sofa.

What color walls go with a brown sofa?

When you’re looking for a wall color that will complement your brown sofa perfectly, we would recommend sticking to neutral shades. This might not be as restricting as you think — anything from a coat of crisp white paint to a rich chestnut brown could work, depending on the shade of sofa you’ve gone for. It’s best to create a sense of depth in your space, so it’s a good idea to pair darker furniture with lighter walls, and the other way around. But sticking primarily to neutral shades will help to create a cohesive and cozy look for your home.

What color carpet or flooring goes with a brown sofa?

Because a brown sofa works so well with other neutral colors, wood or laminate flooring makes an obvious pairing. Depending on what style you go for, you can create lots of different vibes, from modern and industrial, to casually rustic. We would always recommend adding a large cream or hair on hide rug to up the cozy factor, too.

What color drapes go with a brown sofa?

Earth-toned drapes can work incredibly well with a brown sofa. If your space is large and airy, you can afford to go for a darker shade of brown or possibly even a forest green. But, if you’re working with a relatively small space and you’re looking to give it more of an open feel, white or cream drapes will give you the results you’re looking for. You could even pick out some patterned styles if you feel like your room needs some extra style and personality.

What color cushions go with a brown sofa?

If you’re looking to inject some color into a room with a brown sofa, throw pillows offer the perfect way to do this. Just make sure you create a sense of depth in your space by contrasting these against the shade of brown you’ve chosen. So, if you’ve picked out a relatively light tan sofa, rich colors like teal or a deep purple will work well. Alternatively, if you’ve opted for something darker, like a chocolate brown couch, cream cushions with an Aztec print, or even something a bit brighter like yellow or turquoise cushions can really add some extra personality.

What colors go with a cream sofa?

Cream sofas can work with almost any color scheme, making them one of the most versatile options out there. While they look great as part of a minimalist space, they can also be dressed up to suit more of a maximalist taste. So, if you get bored easily and know you’re likely to switch up your décor very regularly, a cream sofa could be the perfect blank canvas for you.

What color walls go with a cream sofa?

As we’ve mentioned, a cream sofa will work with almost any color scheme, so you have a lot of freedom to choose whatever wall color you fancy. Your couch will complement anything from a neutral paint color, like mink or gray, to more outlandish colors like a deep purple or navy blue. So, take your pick — you’ll really struggle to go wrong when choosing color pairings for a cream sofa.

What color carpet or flooring goes with a cream sofa?

Just like with any neutral color, wood or laminate floor looks great with a cream sofa, as it will create a blank canvas that you can layer color onto. Alternatively, you could go all out with a carpet in a similar creamy shade.

Whichever option you go with, a colorful or patterned rug can also be used to brighten things up. Anything from a hair on hide rug to a Persian style will work well.

What color drapes go with a cream sofa?

If you’ve opted for a cream sofa and some understated flooring, we would recommend having some fun with your drapes. If you want to help your room to feel bigger and airier, consider picking out some off-white drapes that are printed or embroidered with a subtle pattern that you love. Or, you could go all out with color in this area of your room. Depending on the rest of your color scheme, some burnt orange velvet drapes, or silky olive-green drapes could be ideal.

What color cushions go with a cream sofa?

Again, anything goes when you’re choosing cushions for a cream sofa. Patterned throw pillow can work particularly well here, as they won’t be over-bearing, but they will add a subtle hint of style and personality to your space. Animal and tile-inspired prints are particularly on-trend at the moment, but have some fun with it — this is your chance to put your stamp on the room.

What colors go with a green sofa?

Green sofas of all different shades are having a moment right now, but the color is so versatile that we’re confident this trend will continue for many years to come. Whether you like a forest green, teal, or olive-inspired tone, we’re going to take you through how you can design a room around your green sofa for a stylish and cohesive look.

What color walls go with a green sofa?

Green is a color that’s very much associated with the great outdoors, so it makes sense that it works well with other earth-inspired hues. This means your green sofa is likely to look great against a white, cream, or possibly even a taupe wall.

If you’re looking to make more of a colorful statement, muted shades can work very well. For example, an emerald green sofa will really complement a nude pink shade. Or, if you’re going for a more dramatic look, a backdrop of navy blue can really work with an olive-green couch.

What color carpet or flooring goes with a green sofa?

Because green can be quite striking, we would recommend keeping things simple with your flooring. If you would like to keep the natural theme going, dark wood flooring will look great. Alternatively, a cream or beige carpet can keep things cozy, but also chic and sophisticated.

What color drapes go with a green sofa?

What color drapes you pair with your green sofa will really depend on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re trying to open up your space and let in as much light as possible, off-white drapes are going to be your best bet. They won’t detract attention from your brand-new sofa, but they will look sleek and polished.

If you’re working with a bigger space, you can have more fun with your drapes. You could opt for a pair in a different but complementing shade of green. Or, you could go for a different color altogether. Gray, navy, or possibly even a muted shade of pink could work well.

What color cushions go with a green sofa?

We would recommend keeping things simple when you’re picking out your throw pillows — you still want your sofa to do the talking. Patterned cushions that come in a similar hue to your sofa can work well, as they’ll add an element of interest without being too over the top. Alternatively, some textured cream throw pillows can add an extra dash of coziness without taking any of the attention away from your couch.

What colors go with a yellow sofa?

While a yellow sofa might not be for everyone, if you style yours right, it can add a cool and quirky edge to your space. Just make sure you opt for a mustard or gold shade, rather than a true yellow, as this will help to ensure your space still looks smart and sophisticated — just with a nice injection of color.

What color walls go with a yellow sofa?

You’ll want your yellow sofa to be the star of the show, so it’s best to keep things simple with the rest of your décor. Off-white, light gray, or taupe walls are all going to be a safe bet. Or, if you’re craving more color, you could add a petrol blue or dark green feature wall.

What color carpet or flooring goes with a yellow sofa?

Again, we want all of the focus to be on your new yellow sofa, so it’s best to keep your flooring understated. A light shade of wood or laminate flooring will look great, and you can add an element of coziness with a textured or patterned rug in gray or off-white. These two colors will also work well if you decide to opt for wall-to-wall carpet.

What color drapes go with a yellow sofa?

If you’ve picked out a yellow sofa, it’s likely you’re quite brave with your sense of style, and you can really show this through your soft furnishings. Patterned drapes in the same shade of yellow will help to keep the theme going without being overbearing. Plus, the color should be light enough to prevent your room from feeling too cramped.

Alternatively, drapes in a complementary shade of green, blue, gray, or even cream will work well.

What color cushions go with a yellow sofa?

You can really have some fun with the cushions that you’re planning to place on a yellow sofa. Plain designs just won’t cut it — instead, look out for trendy patterned designs. There are those with slogans, bold patterns, and even nature-inspired prints that will look incredible on your sofa. Create a collection of throw pillows that’s just as fun and unique as your couch!

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