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Natural leather

At Sofas by Saxon, our natural leather for sofas, chairs and footstools is a distressed leather that is treated with beeswax to create an attractive matte finish. The design of this leather allows the natural beauty and textures to really shine through.

Our natural leather is also what is known as a pull-up leather, which means that it doesn’t have one consistent color density. Instead, it changes when pulled or stretched, allowing the natural variations to show themselves for a relaxed, slightly aged look. The extra fat liquors used during tannage also give the leather a waxy feel.

The choice of subtler shades of this material are ideal if you are trying to achieve a neutral décor. It works beautifully with the designs in Chesterfield collection, particularly if you are interested in a red, green or black Chesterfield sofa.

The choice of subtler shades adds to the overall effect if you are trying to achieve a neutral décor. Our Chesterfield sofa collection is the first place you should begin looking for your natural leather sofa, as the designs in this range is well suited to the classic look of the material.

Attention should be given to the special care instructions of this material — our guide to leather care contains a lot of helpful advice for the upkeep of your leather furniture. This type of leather is suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Once you've decided on the natural leather you want for your furniture, our expert craftspeople will put it together in our workshop in England, adding every detail by hand. We will then deliver your sofa anywhere state-wide, so no matter where you live in the US, you'll get your sofa or chair delivered straight to your doorstep. Take a look at our natural leather color selection below.

Selvaggio Ash

Selvaggio Beaver

Selvaggio Cognac

Selvaggio Forest Green

Selvaggio Grape

Selvaggio Hare

Selvaggio New England

Selvaggio Parchment

Selvaggio Peat

Selvaggio Run

Selvaggio Sage